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Chinese Tea Cups

Four True meanings when drink Chinese tea with Chinese Tea Cups

Chinese sado has "four true meanings": harmony, peacefulness, joyfulness and truth. Harmony is the core essence of sado, peacefulness is the only way to learn about Chinese sado, joyfulness is the state of mind in the process of practicing sado, and truth is the ultimate pursuit of sado.

1. Harmony

Chinese sado has integrated the thinking of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Confucianism insists on "doctrine of mean", regarding that the proper "harmony" is just the right. Taoism’s "harmony” means that govern by doing nothing that is against nature. Harmony is in all tea matters for all the time. Making tea is particular about putting moderate tea; well-distributing tea; drinking tea in humble; and tasting tea with closed eyes and harmonious integration of heart and soul.

2. Peacefulness

Peacefulness had been upheld by Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Lao-tzu the founder of Taoism once said: "the world is originally in empty and peace, and that is the reason why everything can exist". Another celebrity of Taoism, Zhuang-tzu Said "saint's heart is full of peacefulness and it can mirror the world". Buddhist Zen also regards sitting in peacefulness and meditation as an important course for understanding Buddhist theory. From ancient time to now, peacefulness has been the path to practice tea ceremony for all walks of life. Peacefulness can help people learn about man's heart and character as well as themselves, therefore there is no shortcut to reach the gorgeous state of sado but peacefulness.

3. Joyfulness

Chinese sado is appreciated by all walks of life. There is no limitation on social status and people from different cultural background have different goal on it. The core of the nobility's sado is rested in the "rare and expensive tea" aiming at showing off and pretending to be elegant and well-educated. Scholars and poems pay much attention to the "charm of tea", aiming to express certain feeling on tea and stimulating their thoughts. Buddhism emphasizes the "merits of tea" with the purpose of refreshing and understanding the Buddhist allegorical world. With the goal of tasting tea and preserving people's healthy, sado of Taoism emphasizes the "efficacy of tea. People have their own sados. However, the ultimate goal is to obtain joyfulness from it.

4. True

True is the starting point of Chinese sado and also its ultimate pursuit. It requires true tea with true fragrance and true taste, true pottery and true porcelain, and real mountains and real rivers. "The true, the good, and the beautiful". Treat guests true respect, take the truth, and feel the true joyfulness. Every part of sado includes making tea, serving tea, tasting tea and serving tea biscuits, to reach a state of true feeling combinating of tea and friends.

About Chinese Tea Cups

Chinese tea cups are containers utilized for drinking, they usually have a handle. Chinese tea cups are an essential part for tea; for our daily use and for entertaining purposes. If you like the natural color and texture of Chinese tea cups, here are range of it which great gifts for friends, families or yourself. We have large selection of Chinese tea cups, also look great on your shelf or desk, simply search through the website to find the Chinese porcelain tea cups you like.

Chinese Tea Cups, which not only have practical value, but also possess the beauty of artistic. And of course it has a kind of beautiful modelling.

Of course, just as we all know that the technology for making it is very complexity with high challenge. Usually, it need to be calcinated 4 times: one is for biscuiting, second is for glaze firing, the third if for redden firing, and the forth is for golden firing. The Chinese tea cups is very famous for its unique traits. Such as its thickness just as pieces of paper, its transparent like a mirror, its white color is just as Chinese jade and also the light cup body. In addition, the Chinese tea cups also have the feature of adopting exquisite porcelain, designing for the beautiful and elegant shape, choosing colorful flower surface. And all of which is contributed to its unique, even the dual valuation of practical and artistic. It is inevitably the greatest gifts for collecting or sending to your friends.

Among all the Chinese tea cups, The number one is absolutely the red porcelain----the treasure of Huaxia. It is no doubt a kind of dream of ceramics for thousand yeas, is also a symbol of high ability of appreciation. So it is a kind of collecting artistic type with high value of appreciation and practical, offering only the people with good tasty.

Moreover, the China red porcelain is fired by the red porcelain, bone porcelain, and the jade porcelain, which make it exquisite in quality and precious in value. The Chinese tea cups with wide variety has many unique but elegant types. And also many pictures could be drawn on the cups, such as landscapes, flowers, birds, poems, figures, names and etc. On this condition, it is not only a rare works of artistic, but a beautiful commodities, applicable for home displaying, collecting, and even serving as gift. So the Chinese tea cups is especially for the people with high-taste, as it is no wonder the best gift for your friends in some special condition, for example, saying thanks, sending bless, being friends, foreign affairs, promotion, retire, taking office, house warming, opening ceremony, birthday party, wedding, and even as the gifts for congratulating festival.