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Blue Sea Wave Ceramic Tea Set

Product Details:
Made Of: Porcelain 
Size and Capacity: As in the Photo

Product Info:

The Blue Sea Wave Ceramic Tea Set is made of high-quality ceramic materials. The tea set uses Ji blue glaze, with smooth and bright appearance and delicate touch. The tea set is designed to make you have a better tea making experience. Rotate the teapot to pour tea quickly, which is not easy to spill, with anti scalding and anti slip design. Rotate the handle left or right, and the porcelain chips are misplaced, so that the water can flow smoothly. The inner tea strainer inside the teapot makes the tea clearer, and the tea tastes better. The side handle design of the fair cup makes it easy to grasp, not hot, safe and comfortable to use. The tea caddy has a good sealing property, which can effectively retain the tea flavor and fragrance, so that you can taste tea more when drinking tea.

As its name suggests that the Automatic lazy tea set is just prepare for the people who love to brewing as convenient as possible. It is undoubtedly improving the traditional ways in some aspect, for example shorten the process of brewing, and the burn hand condition. And time saving, effect-saving, it will bring an unique experience to you without nothing to worry about. For the people who first meet with the Blue Sea Wave Automatic Tea Set mostly will feel strange. Actually, this kind of tea sets is not what high technology or the newest things. Justly install some function in the tea sets, such as automatic controlling, automatic water being outlet and etc. When brewing, putting some tea leaves into the pot, adding appropriate amount of boiling water, and then touching the button, it will automatically out of tea water. There is one thing need to be pointed is that the fair cup have to keep with the base in a distance. In this way, the tea water directly being pour into fair cup, which will filter out some impurities and tea leaves. At last, removing fair cup out, it will stop flowing tea. Then you could divided the tea into each cup cup, inviting friends to enjoy together. 

Our materials are ethically sourced, under environmental
guidelines and practices.
There is no use of plastic-based materials such as acrylic. Ceramic, Bamboo, and Stainless steel are all sustainable, renewable materials that pass our sustainability check!

Blue Sea Wave Ceramic Tea Set