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Dehua White Ceramic Chinese Tea Cup With Infuser

Product Details:
Material: Dehua White Porcelain.
Includes: Infuser, Gift Box, Saucer.
Dimension : Height 13.5 cm (5.4 inches), Diameter 8 cm (3.2 inches).
Capacity: 350 ml (12 oz).

Product Info: Dehua White Chinese (Best Porcelain) Chinese Tea Cup With Infuser has a perfect balance between precise design and elegant beauty, which not only have practical value, but also possess the beauty of artistic. And of course it has a kind of beautiful modelling. It is available both individually and in presentation gift sets. On this condition, it is not only a rare works of artistic, but a beautiful commodities, applicable for home displaying, collecting, and even serving as gift. So the Dehua White Porcelain (Best Porcelain) Chinese Tea Cup With Infuser is especially for the people with high-taste, as it is no wonder the best gift for your friends in some special condition, for example, saying thanks, sending bless, being friends, foreign affairs, promotion, retire, taking office, house warming, opening ceremony, birthday party, wedding, and even as the gifts for congratulating festival. Also it will add a unique cultural accent to your home. Also look great on your shelf or desk.

Dehua White Ceramic Chinese Tea Cup With Infuser