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Ice Crack Ge Kiln Dragon Teapot


Product Info:
Material: Porcelain
Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 oz).
Dimension: Height 9 cm (3.54 inches), Length 11.5 cm (4.53 inches).

Product Description:

The Ice Crack Ge Kiln Teapot is made of high-quality raw mineral clay fired at high temperature. Generally, the glaze of the teapot is only 1mm thick, and this teapot uses double glaze, which makes our teapot feel better. The rustic charm and embossed decals show the traditional Chinese style. The teapot is designed as beak eagle beak, makes water-flow smoother. The handle of the teapot is designed into a faucet style, which is calm and domineering. It is heat-insulating, anti scalding and safe to use. The ice crack pattern is as fresh and beautiful as the cracked ice.

Chinese teapot has a rich artistical value in the in ancient Chinese civilization of long standing. Not only the Ice Crack Ge Kiln Teapot has the characteristics of the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, but also promoting the communication between Chinese and the foreign culture. In addition, the Chinese teapot also play an important role in the world heritage. An exceptional and stunning Ice Crack Ge Kiln Teapot, it known for its beauty and artistry, it will bring you the experience of drinking tea in traditional Chinese way. Typically, a drinking vessel where teas are blended with boiling hot water to create a fresh drink. Nothing complements wonderful conversation better than a delicious cup of tea! It will make a great decorating piece or gift also.

Our materials are ethically sourced, under environmental
guidelines and practices.
There is no use of plastic-based materials such as acrylic. Ceramic, Bamboo, and Stainless steel are all sustainable, renewable materials that pass our sustainability check!

Ice Crack Ge Kiln Dragon Teapot