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Yixing Eight Trigrams Handmade Teapot

Product Details:
Material: Red Clay.

Capacity: 500ml (16.9 oz).
Dimension: Diameter 12.8cm, pot height 5.3cm  
Product Info:
Enjoy afternoon tea, at home or at work, provide a wonderful afternoon tea or coffee for yourself and your family, its smooth appearance will help you get a relaxed and happy feeling when drinking.
It is considered the best tea pot that the tea made in it tastes especially nice and promote one's health and prolong one's life.
Bring elegance and beauty to your home, this unique handicraft display will add style and be used as a decoration on the dining table.
Exquisite handmade chinese ceramics teapot and cups sets, which is perfect for friends, business partners, families.
Luxury gifts: whether it's weddings, birthdays, family gatherings or other gatherings, our porcelain tea sets are your favourite luxury gifts. They will always be grateful!

Yixing Eight Trigrams Handmade Teapot