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Yixing Plain Cement Boccaro Teapot


Product Details:
Material: Purple Clay.

Capacity: 300 ml (10.16oz).

Dimension: Length 16.1cm (6.3 inches) Diameter 8.8cm (3.4 inches) Height 6.8 cm (2.6 inches)


Product Info:
The Yixing Plain Cement Boccaro Teapot is pure artificially fired with raw ore purple clay from Huanglongshan. Raw purple clay contains many large particles, which will form pores after firing at high temperature. When it is used to make tea, the teapot will retain the aroma of tea, and the tea flavor will be strong after long-term use. Raw purple clay is pure purple clay, which is easy to master humidity, high stability, reasonable viscosity and easy to form. The teapot is themed with bamboo. The handle and spout of the teapot in the bamboo style are fresh and natural. The design of birds on bamboo leaves is carved on the teapot, which makes the image more vivid. 
Our materials are ethically sourced, under environmental
guidelines and practices.
There is no use of plastic-based materials such as acrylic. Ceramic, Bamboo, and Stainless steel are all sustainable, renewable materials that pass our sustainability check!

Yixing Plain Cement Boccaro Teapot